Location with high standards

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    Compounded Community with Single Entry Gate

    Fences and single entry gates definitely reduce unauthorized vehicle and foot traffic on a property especially late at night and early in the morning. For many properties, traffic reduction alone is enough to reduce much of the parking lot and street crime.

    Video surveillance systems work well in support of access control gates. A well-placed video camera can keep an eye on the gated entry areas 24-hours a day and never blink once.

    More and more people want to reside in gated residential communities.Gates and fences provide the perception of security, safety, and privacy. In affluent residential neighborhoods, privacy means exclusivity and therefore increased property values.

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    24 Hours CCTV Cameras Security

    Wah Model Town guarantees a secure environment through the provision of a foolproof electronic security alarm system to every apartment and house, which is monitored at the Central Security Office. The Central Security Office is adequately outfitted to accomplish the objective of keeping the residents of Wah Model Town safe and sound at all times.

    With lifetime maintenance and support services, residents need not worry about anything they need fixed or spruced up. But since the entire apparatus for utilities such as electricity, telephone, gas and water are underground, residents are unlikely to face any problems in that regard anyway.

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    Water Supply , Sewerage Disposal Stations,Electrification & Telephone Exchange Facilities

    It is no doubt a dream place to live in as every one wishes to live in a place which is neat clean , full of facilities that there is almost no load shedding , places to eat , study and parks to play for the age group of every person. Moreover the educated people have manners and that is the most important factor for community to prosper. There are a lot of Masajid’s but the main hub is JAMIA MASJID:


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    Feel the warmth and relaxing
    ambiance of parks and greenery

    The beauty of this place is that where ever you see its greenery everywhere. There is no hustle bustle in the area in spite of the fact that the population is increasing very rapidly. Wah Model Town is a very safe place to live in as there is battalion and many police stations in this small area which makes it easy to control the law and order situation.

    Also according to a study those who live in places surrounded by greenery are also more generous, sociable, calm and trusting. It says that the health benefits come irrespective of other factors and that once we are deprived of green space, our health suffers dramatically.



Best localization
in North West of

Wah Model Town is located 50 km (appx. 30 miles) north west of Islamabad. It is a valley which is surrounded by hills in all directions.

  • Historical Background
  • Pollution Free Environment.
  • Approx. 30 miles from the capital Islamabad
  • Secure Location

Installment Plan Starting From as low as Rs.25,000!

Plot Size
25'' x 50''


  • Down Payment
  • 500,000
  • Per Month Installment

  • 25,000

Plot Size
30'' x 60''


  • Down Payment
  • 700,000
  • Per Month Installment

  • 35,000

Plot Size
35'' x 70''


  • Down Payment
  • 875,000
  • Per Month Installment

  • 45,000

Plot Size
50'' x 90''


  • Down Payment
  • 1,500,000
  • Per Month Installment

  • 65,000

Commercial Plot Size
2.25 -9.5 Marla

Rs1,000,000 per Marla


    225 sq feet

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Message from Managing Partner

Ch. Muhammad Azeem

I thank the Almighty Allah for enabling us to the launching of Wah Model Town .

We started this business back in 1990 with the vision to provide affordable housing solutions to underprivileged and middle class citizens of Pakistan. Despite the various difficulties associated with such a business, with the help of Allah we kept on sailing along with my committed, sincere and talented team to achieve my objectives. We are the pioneers in colony development in the area. We came in this business with tension free and money back guarantee promise to our clients. The majority of our initial clientele came from the surrounding areas of Wah, Taxila, and Hassan Abdal back in 1990. However due the quality of development and our fairness we now have customers from all over Pakistan and overseas.

Keeping in mind my past experience and feedback from our existing clients I have engaged a professional team for planning, development and marketing for our new project. Our core business ethics are “Reliability, Trust, dependability & affordability”. We develop land for you and invite you to build your dream home.

“God Bless You All”


My best wishes and prayers for the fulfillment of our dream project, Ameen

Wah Model Town Presentation

Wah Model Town Phae-III near Burhan Interchange(A project of around 3000 kanals of land) from which1800 kanals land is fully developed and rest is under process